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Ant Killer Bait Stations

?Fast control with easy-to-use peel and stick stations.

Granular Lawn and Building Barrier Insect Control

?Kills ants, spiders, roaches, armyworms, clover mites, pill bugs, brown dog ticks, chinch bugs, crickets, cutworms, earwigs, fire ants, fleas, grub worms, sod worms, Japanese beetles, and others.


Roach & Ant Residual Solvent Insect Spray. Kills a broad spectrum of flying and crawling insects on contact with an ETOC Formula for a very fast knockdown.

Roach Killer Bait Gel

?Professional strength in a re-cappable, plunger syringe for caulk type application.

Available Sizes:  (12) 60-gram cartridges, (24) 60-gram cartridges,

Roach Killer Bait Stations

Same professional strength as gel, packaged in quick and convenient peel and stick stations.


Long Range Wasp & Hornet Killer. Solvent based. Contains a combination of permethrin(0.25%), piperonyl butoxide and tetramethrin type insecticides.